"I want to personally thank Mary Ellen, Stephanie, Gloria and the rest of her amazing team for putting together an amazing wedding for Ashley and I. We couldn't have found a better group of high character people that exceeded all expectations. From the initial visit - I knew Mary Ellen was the right fit.

Also, she got us access to a venue that was truly remarkable. People came out of our wedding saying it was the best wedding they have ever been to. No detail was missed by Mary Ellen and her team and we can not thank them enough for their hard work and dealing with Ashley and I over the months of planning. I personally tried to thank as many of her staff the day of the wedding as I could - they are the backbone of the operation and they did it in spades. A true pleasure, thank you Mary Ellen and team. I wish we could get married every year and work with you and the OTBPW team. Cheers."



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"Mary Ellen, Stephanie and Gloria - I don't know if a five star review will do justice to just how incredibly happy Mike and I are with how our wedding turned out. It's been a week since our wedding and we're still smiling ear to ear and continue to hear from our guests that it was the most romantic and magical wedding they have ever attended. From the table decor and florals, to the signage and gourmet food, you really pulled out all the stops. To top it off, the desserts and coffee station were a huge hit and I got to dance to my heart's desire thanks to your great recommendation to hire Vincent as our DJ. He was awesome. If I were to take the place of Bill Murray in the movie Groundhogs Day, I would choose Off the Beaten Path Weddings to plan and coordinate our wedding every single time. Thanks for making our day exactly as you promised it would be: a day celebrating our love for one another amongst our closest friends and family in the most special and intimate of settings. We will never forget it. Thanks a million. You three are truly the best."

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"I don't even know where to begin when I talk about the wedding Mary Ellen and Off The Beaten Path put on for us. It far surpassed every expectation I, the bride, had. Our friends and family are still raving about it: the the food was the best (and we both have foodie families), the drinks were the best, the location was the best, it was the most beautiful wedding people had been to, so classy and so uniquely us at the same time, and, yaaaaay, the most fun wedding people had been to. Incredibly, it managed to impress the most conservative AND the most bohemian amongst our guests. But the feedback I am most happy to get, is that it was magic, "like a dream" and my favorite "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" to which I reply- Mary Ellen and her extraordinary team. From the brand she has masterfully crafted- that pulls together a beautiful location, delicious food (including a dessert bar and espresso!!), tables lavished with flower and field, cocktails!!!!! (no wedding is complete without welcome cocktails BEFORE the ceremony!), and a ton of other incredibly thoughtful details and touches that make it beautiful and unique- to the insanely warm-hearted team she has picked to work with her, Mary Ellen not only has the creative genius to create memorable events but the experience of a seasoned pro to coordinate all the details.  Is it a given that you will look back at your wedding and feel like all the time and money you poured into it were worth it? Definitely not. It's easy to get swept up in rituals and details that miss what is important- the love between you!!! And sharing that with your family and friends!! Because of Mary Ellen's sagely advice and her commitment to stripping down weddings to their important essentials- nature, food, family and friends- our wedding came as close to perfection as we could have hoped for and created a memory that will burn bright in the hearts and memories of all who were there. Thank you is an understatement. And I would do it all again in a heart beat. :)

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From the mother of the bride, Brenda, "Wow!  What an incredible experience we had with Mary Ellen and her team for my daughter's wedding.  "Magnificent, Magical and Memorable" to say the least. We are still getting compliments from our guests saying what a gorgeous wedding we had and how special it was. Planning a wedding cross country was a breeze because I knew Mary Ellen had a handle on everything. Every email was responded to promptly by her and her team. They coordinated  everything for us...shuttle service, bathrooms, food for the bridal party with elves to clean up and so much more.  She truly listens to you and has such a vision for beauty. Every little detail was incredible, from the flowers to the signage, parasols for guests, escort leaves, table settings, signature cocktails, etc. They go above and beyond to make your wedding day a dream come true. The venue was incredible and one of a kind. We would never have known about it if not for Off the Beaten Path Weddings. The food...sensational! All farm to table and delicious. Fabulous desserts and uniquely presented.  All I can say is I had zero stress and was able to enjoy every moment because of this fabulous team. The day truly was "Magical, Magnificent, and Memorable". Thank you again for all you did for us. We will miss you and wish you continued success."

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From the father of the bride, Steve, “Weddings by their very nature are packed with anticipation, emotion and stress. Add expectations and cost and the challenge to deliver a signature event is near impossible. Three weeks ago, on a very warm July Saturday in the heart of Napa Valley, Off The Beaten Path Weddings, came as close as possible to perfection. This was our second wedding in our family in four years. Our first daughter, married close to home so venue, resources and other ingredients needed for success were familiar and within arms length. This wedding for our second daughter was a true destination affair. Our concern from the outset was how do we host 100+ family members and friends hundreds of miles from home and deliver the quality and lasting impact we expect in everything we do. The answer was Mary Ellen and her event team. From the first meeting, seven months in advance of wedding day, we were impressed with her experience and sense of collaboration. Throughout the process, including a second trip to Napa to sample food, walk the venue and chat frankly about the style, look and outcome of the wedding, she dedicated the time and, most importantly, listened. In the final days when we arrived in Napa, we again walked thoughtfully through the event to insure all components were accounted for. Always positive and always open to our suggestions, Mary Ellen made sure the wedding unfolded with the warmth and delivery we had hoped for. The key for us was being involved and communicating consistently with Mary Ellen and her team, including her  outstanding chef. The result was no surprises and a memorable evening that not only exceeded our expectations but left guests, some of whom traveled from across the country, raving.  In fact, we continue to receive thank you cards from guests almost a month after the wedding. Kudos to Off The Beaten Path Weddings. They soared above our expectations and we are eternally grateful.”



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"Ross and I are finally back to reality today in Chicago, but we are still thinking about what a great wedding weekend we had in Sonoma. Thanks so much for all that you did to make the wedding so special and personal; we couldn't have pictured it any other way! You and your team did a fantastic job executing all the little details that really took it to the next level (but without feeling overdone!). It was our perfect mix of backyard simplicity and wine country sophistication.  We also thought the overall service (at the bar, table, etc.) was incredible. And of course, we loved Gloria's creative visuals and the personality/character they contributed to the event. Plus, we truly appreciated her help with the overall flow of events on-site! The food was absolutely amazing, too (but we knew that would be the case based on our preview in February!).  We really loved working with you throughout the entire planning process. We feel like we're due for a Mary Ellen check-in right about now (but then sadly realize it's a wrap!).  Again, we cannot thank you enough for all of your help in making the entire wedding something we will always cherish and remember. We couldn't have done it without you.”

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“Wow, where to start? Words cannot begin to express the gratitude we feel towards you and you amazing team. We could not have imagined a more perfect day. Our only complaint is that it flew by too quickly. I wish that we could relive it in slow motion and savor every detail...

The details were all anyone could talk about today... The chalkboards, the beautiful cocktails, the parasols, the flowers the table arrangements, the incredibly upbeat & friendly staff. The FOOD! Oh my god the food! In fact, the only other regret that I have is not visiting the dessert table before everything was demolished by our guests;)   Patrick and I were talking on the way home today and we both agreed that other than the decision to marry each other, hiring you was the best decision we could have made. Thank you for your vision, your attention to detail, you guidance, your patience, your flexibility, your knowledge of everything wedding related in wine country. We are so incredibly grateful and we could not have imagined a better celebration. It was perfect. Thank you!    More later, I just wanted to send this off before we pass out from sheer exhaustion and then hop on a plane to Hawaii in the morning.     A big hug to you and everyone who helped pull off the best party of our lives!”




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