3 Unique Sites To Personalize Your Event

Are you looking to make your upcoming special event or wedding super memorable? Looking for ways to stand out and avoid being like every other event you’ve ever attended? There are some great free tools online that can help you do just that, whether you’re looking for the perfect hashtag (and you're fresh out of creativity), your own personalized monogram or the nail polish shade that will best compliment your theme or decor. You’re going to want to bookmark these sites to help you plan the perfect day:

Unique Websites you need to know about when planning an event Off The Beaten Path Weddings

Wedding Wire's Hashtag Generator

With Wedding Wire’s hashtag generator, details like names, date and location, nicknames, and more are combined to generate a memorable hashtag for your event. Event hashtags are handy so you can easily locate photos after the big day, so people who aren’t able to make it can follow along, and so you can easily connect with the social profiles of the guests who were part of your big day. Stop racking your brain for the perfect hashtag, and let Wedding Wire do the work for you. Add the hashtag to your stationary, wedding website, and display it on a sign on your wedding day to remind your guests how to tag their photos.

Minted Monogram Maker

Minted lets you customize your monogram for free! It’s also really easy to use. You can choose your style and your text and accent colors to make it personal to your celebration and so it matches all the details you have already selected with care. Enter your initials and event date, and with the push of a button you can download high resolution images for use on your social media accounts and on your stationary. It will also look great on your thank you cards, so don’t forget to stock up on those! There’s no graphic designer necessary to get your own monogram, just leave it to Minted to make your personal statement.

Essie’s Pinterest & Polish Finder

The perfect nail polish shade is in your grasp when you connect your Pinterest board to Essie’s Pinterest & Polish finder. Select the pin you want a nail polish match for and let Essie pick your perfect polish. Say “I do” to a manicure that’s right for you and your event colors. You can send it to your bridesmaids or gal pals ahead of time so that everyone is coordinated and if it's for your wedding, you can save a bottle for yourself to celebrate on your anniversary with the nail color you remember from the first day you were married.

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Checking off those fun and personalized things is so liberating, and it’s even better when it’s free!

Hashtag = Check!

Monogram = Check!

Great Nails = Check!

Now get going on the rest of your planning. Good luck!

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